2017-08-01 12:34:01

A chapter comes to an end. For me, it is hard to announce it because “I love her”. Ronja left our stables. She has been sold to Basel. Having experienced two beautiful years at her side, she has given me more than simply good rankings. This lovely mare allowed me before all to learn and to improve my riding skills. Ronja was qualified as my reserve horse for the Rio 2016 Paralympics. Before all, I would like to thank my Supporters who allowed me to ride Ronja and my mother who helped me a lot in everyday’s life.

Knowing the new owner of Ronjy, I am convinced that she is going to have a great life!

Triathlon of Geneva
2017-07-20 10:31:29

I planned to participate in the triathlon of Geneve (short track relay) as part of my physical preparation for hose riding as well as for the race the “20K of Geneva” in October. It also includes my training to maintain my physical capabilities linked to my disability. I chose that method which is very different to strength trainings that I have done before Rio 2016. Even with the strong heat, I was able to run 5K in 26 minutes and our team – Swann Oberson (swimming), Alexandre Roch (cycling) and me – finished on the 7th place (1h13)!

Competition in Aarberg
2017-07-20 10:18:58

I got the opportunity to ride Amanta in a competition environment again before the European Championships. It was in the sunny Aarberg last Friday. In fact, we did not participate officially. Even better, we could do one of the tests that we will be showing at the Europeans in order to improve. We enjoyed riding there! Many thanks for the warm welcome!

Qualified - European Championships
2017-07-13 13:49:30

Excellent news : Amanta and I are qualified to proudly represent Switzerland at the European Championships in Göteborg from August 21st to 27th! I will compete in Sweden with Nicole Geiger who is also qualified. We are preparing ourselves in the best possible way in oder to perform in a few weeks!

This qualification is very emotional for me after the experiences I have gone through this year… The tragic accident of my mother who was held in artificial coma in February… As I often repeat, the values of will and determination are key… We share those aspects together and, therefore, both of us get very motivated! She inspires me again, recovering very quickly! Like me, she did not forget her love and passion for horses and she rides again!

Consequently, this experience changed my life. It influenced my sports career. I had to change some aspects of training and to reorganise some things differently. Finally, I was able to turn this tragedy into an opportunity and hopefully, we came out even stronger!

I am truly blessed about all the support that we got. Thany you!

Conference for epona
2017-07-10 16:22:54

« Her challenges, ups and downs, victories… Celine gave an enriching and attractive conference, including a qualitative talk. A moment of authenticity, which has given us a good punch of inspiration, which is useful in our respective lives. Celine made us integrate a bit more that “anything is possible” and that it is not only the case for other’s!”, testimony from Olivier Grangier, epona.


The event was held ar The Olympic Museum in Lausanne that morning, at this unique place that makes sense for me: it is synomym of my Olympic dream which I realised last year in Rio. Epona believed in me and supports me on my way to the Games. Thanks to them, Amanta and I could fly over the ocean without any fear, which was essential for the competition.

It was my pleasure to talk to their members at their General Assemblee, showing them that “Anything is possible”: this is all about mindset! I demonstrated to those people, most of them coming from the equestrian field, how I am achieving my goals. "

Conference for epona
2017-07-10 16:22:54

« Her challenges, ups and downs, victories… Celine gave an enriching and attractive conference, including a qualitative talk. A moment of authenticity, which has given us a good punch of inspiration, which is useful in our respective lives. Celine made us integrate a bit more that “anything is possible” and that it is not only the case for other’s!”, testimony from Olivier Grangier, Director of epona.


The event was held ar The Olympic Museum in Lausanne that morning, at this unique place that makes sense for me: it is synomym of my Olympic dream which I realised last year in Rio. Epona believed in me and supports me on my way to the Games. Thanks to them, Amanta and I could fly over the ocean without any fear, which was essential for the competition.

It was my pleasure to talk to their members at their General Assemblee, showing them that “Anything is possible”: this is all about mindset! I demonstrated to those people, most of them coming from the equestrian field, how I am achieving my goals. "

Conference for Brolliet
2017-07-06 10:37:24

Testimonial of Yves-Marie Maitre, Diretor at Brolliet:


“Speaking with humor to her audience, Celine caught people’s attention. Throughout the conference, she was able to combine perfectly persuasion, spontaneity and the joy of life. Nothing seems to stop her.

Both dignity in front of challenges and humility in front of her successes brings us back to the essential: the human.

Thank you Celine for this beautiful lesson of life, a true concentration of happiness ".

The conference was held on June 21st at the Ramada Encore hotel in Geneva at the occasion of the companies’ internal event.

9 years
2017-06-30 19:38:24

9 year after my accident, I finish a course at one of the best known universities of the world. HAPPY CELEBRATION’S DAY.

2008: I just survived; first, I had to fight to survive, then to become a better person. Life. That is my motto.

Severe brain injury – 1 month of coma, I could not walk and speak anymore.

2009: the rehabilitation; the depression, the choice between life and letting me leave

2010: Back to competition – Swiss Paralympic Team and 4th at th World Equestrian Games in Kentucky.

2011: publication of my autobiography “Step by step” in French.

2012: I was titled Miss Handicap 2012-2013; project for equality and integration of disabled people in Switzerland.

2014: 13th at the World Equestrian Games in Caen (France)

2015: I got my BBA-degree; 12th place at the European Championships in Deauville (France); I worked at the International Olympic Committee

2016: 13th at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games; I got the Business English Certificate higher and I became a Board Member of Handicap International Switzerland

2017: I officially start with my speaker’s career; Orchestrating Winning Performance Program at IMD Business School.

Future goals? Ideas? Many of them, have a look at my agenda! One of them is about the documentary film “Bucéphale” that will be showed internationally at festivals before being released in the coming months in Switzerland.

Conference at Credit Suisse SA
2017-06-22 14:52:09

« Celine van Till, an honor guest and an example for the collaborators of Credit Suisse SA, region of Geneva.

She is both a beautiful and determined young lady who spoke at our internal mid-year event which was held on May 29th at the Beau-Rivage Hôtel of Geneva. More than a journey filled of extreme will and strength towards the accidental challenge, it is all about an inspirational story as well as an example that Celine shared with humility, natural and many communicative laughs. What an adventure of courage, motivation and passion. All men and women were very admirative and, at the same time, very emotional towards her speech.

Thank you Celine for your testimony that will keep in our minds! », Credit Suisse Genève

Conference at ESM
2017-06-21 06:55:10

“Sport and career, should you make a choice?”, pannel discussion at ESM, school of Management and Communication in Geneve.

« Through her testimony, Celine confirms the importance of following academic studies for a top athlete. Sooner or later, the reconversion in the professionnal world might be necessary. Suggesting BBA studies especially adapted to the conditions of a top athlete, the ESM school could be your perfect solution! The perfect balance between sports and 

Elle permet de suivre une formation universitaire, en parallèle du sport de haut niveau. Sport and professionnal projects as proposed at the ESM school participate to an ideal balance: the athlete becomes a better sportsman as well as a stronger professionnal with many new skills", says Simona Santi, responsible of the admissions at ESM.

La chaleureuse ambiance régnait ce soir-là à l’Ecole de management et de communication basée à Genève . Le sport-étude étant un domaine m’ayant toujours beaucoup intéressée, j’ai participé au Parlement des athlètes de Swiss Olympic en 2016 sur cette thématique et au Forum Cantonal du Sport où ce fût également un sujet abordé. Aujourd’hui, travaillant pour la formation sport-étude depuis le début de l’année et ayant rencontré de nombreux Clubs et Associations, c’est moi qui en parle.

Ayant moi-même terminé le Bachelor de management-marketing pour sportifs d’élites, je suis une porte-parole de l’importance de la double-carrière, de la reconversion et de faciliter la transition après la carrière sportive. Le but était d'évaluer les opportunités et les défis, ainsi que de mettre en lumière la formation très bien adaptée aux contraintes sportives. Il est nécessaire de montrer que pour les sportifs, accompagnés par le bon aménagement et avec de la volonté, c’est possible de combiner les deux activités et d'atteindre le succès dans les deux domaines. J'en suis la preuve vivante!

Presentation at the Rotary Club of Geneva
2017-06-11 05:15:10

A touching feedback from our conference; testimony of the Rotary Club of Geneva:

« On Tuesday the 7th of June 2017, the Rotary Club of Geneva hosted Celine van Till and the producer of the documentary “Bucéphale”, Agnès Boutruche, to give a talk together.

During twenty minutes, Celine showed through her daily challenges that she achieves her character and her strong will. The testimony of Celine is a lesson of life. It impressed and touched all of us deeply. Listening to Celine, is taking distance from our personal “journey”, to our personal challenges. Listening to Celine makes us more humble and, in the end, makes us stronger.

This conference in two voices, beautifully built and very professional, is an exceptional moment of true sincerity. The audience stood up to applaud Celine. We had never seen that before”, Didier Raboud

Presentation at the International School of Lausanne
2017-06-07 19:24:48

Ecole Internationale de Lausanne's testimony:

"Ms. Van Till gave an excellent speech at a large middle school assembly.  Despite English being her fourth language, and her extensive brain injuries, she was able to communicate effectively with her audience of pre-teens and teachers.  Celine’s story is truly one of defying odds and rising to challenges.  I didn’t fully understand the extent of her injury and daily determination until she explained her story fully during the assembly.  Celine was timely, friendly, professional, and well-prepared.  As a Paralympian, she is a true inspiration.  I recommend her as a speaker to any academic or professional audience."

When getting such feedbacks, I feel very motivated. I could give an insight about a paralympian's life and tell thos 120 students of 8 and 13 years old what challenges could arise in life. I explained what happend to me, what I did to recover and I gave them some pieces of advice. A great experience with teenager's, before all because the last time was some time ago. Thank you!

Conference at Loterie Romande
2017-05-31 12:22:06

I gave a conference at the Loterie Romande for the communication department counting 11 persons. It took place in the context of a Team Building activity. However, that is not my direct goal but to create awareness for supporting and helping each other and to reinforce the cohesiveness of the team. Before all, I shared the "winning" mindset through my experience of life.

It was all about sharing: my message got to its destination. A new perception of life. Frequently, I speak during one hour, more or less. This time, it last one hour and a half, followed by having lunch all toegether. I had the pleasure to answer lots of questions! I had also a bit more time to give a couple of tips, following the situations to sort out.

Finally, it was only the beginning of the week but already my second conference! I continue sharing to bring an extra value. My passion: helping other's.

Thank you for your warm welcome! 

Training for Fragile Suisse
2017-05-22 11:07:43

It was a pleasure, on the last minute, to participate to the lesson given by Fragile Suisse in Lausanne. 

Having been invited by the new communication manager, we discussed several future projects. Before all, we were ready to teach several  young people about brain injury, the association wanting to be better known. We had relevant discussions with the group. 

I look forward to collaborating again. 

Conference for Union Bancaire Privée
2017-05-17 10:45:34

Testimonial from Union Bancaire Privée:

"The first time we met Celine was when we were preparing our in-house conference. We were immediately taken with this determined and ambitious young woman’s sunny disposition and charisma.

Celine’s optimistic and can-do attitude really struck a chord with the 150 colleagues who came to the conference, as it did with us, and we wish her lots of success in her career as a high-level athlete, and as a keynote speaker."

UBP Group Communications

My presentation to 150 bankers at Union Bancaire Privée was my first one in the financial sector.

My purpose was, as ever, to help make the world a better place by inspiring people and showing them that with the right frame of mind, always improving yourself, never giving up, you can achieve anything.

As I started the conference at the Metropole hotel in Geneva, I was nervous, but my audience was very attentive, interested and moved. They asked me many questions and I was gratified to be acknowledged at the end with thundering applause.

After the talk I had the chance to meet several people one-to-one.

I do hope I managed to put across my message that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

                            "Anything is possible"

Preview of the movie "Bucéphale"
2017-05-15 13:59:19

Through media coverage, my successes and performance were put forward. My projects and activities too. I have been able to show a very strong image of myself. However, why did I achieve to do that?

In the film, you discover me under another angle. In the intimity. I played the game. Before all, it shows the state of mind. Will. Determination. How I managed to go from point A to point B.

Through deceptions, overcoming fears, your mind gets stronger: it depends on how you handle an unexpected event that suddenly comes out. Why you get it transformed in a positive sunshine. What you learn from it. Why do I welcome challenges? To go forward in life and to show that “anything is possible”.

I am proud that it has been largely appreciated by its sponsors, thank you! The proof it has been very well-made? It is emotional fo myself too when watching it!

”Every set back is a chance for a better come back “

Many thanks to the production (Framevox, Agnès Boutruche) and realization team (Damien Marti and Chloé Seyssel)!

"Bucéphale could already be seen at "Vision du réel" at the media library by the audio/video/media-professionnals. 

©Photos Véronique Vergari

CHI Mannheim
2017-05-12 13:12:05

In the beginning of May, as every year, we went to Germany. To take part at the international horse show of Mannheim! Where I have realized good scores over the last years, showed great performances and got the results to be selected for championships.

This time, I took part with Amanta only. We drove safely to Mannheim with my multifunctional friend and groom Elisabeth. We left Geneva the morning following an official ceremony in Geneva. Until there, all went well; I was in a good mood.

However, in the end of the afternoon, a bag of mine was stolen! The next morning, my horse stepped on my feat and the evening before my competition, the classifiers announced that I was not allowed to have a guide! I was not lucky! But I took the decision to give it a try!

With high competition in the le Team test and in Individual Championship test Grade IV, I took twice the 4th place! It was not as good as in Deauville, but the conditions were exceptional.

It is not only with success that you learn, it is also with disappointing results. Mine allow me to make a plan, to grow and finally to succeed. We will get a second chance in Italy in June! Even if my results were not my best ones, I reached the selection criterias to qualify for the Europeans the second time! This is when it does not go well. Still good enough!

Hommage des champions suisses
2017-05-12 12:45:54

I did not get a title of Swiss Champion. It does not exist in my discipline. Although, I was not there for nothing.

Magali Comte and I got the Price Para-sport (Prix Handisport) for our performance at the 2016 Rio Paralypic Games! What a great distinction!

It was also the opportunity to see again other champions, all very inspiring.

The ceremony has been released live on the regional television (Léman Bleu TV). For me, it was the opportunity to thank my local public and to announce my goal: the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics!

Conference for AGIS
2017-04-27 13:18:17

I gave a conference for l’AGIS (Association for Social Inclusion of Geneva) in the conference room of the SIG.  They invited me at their General Assemblee to share my story, real lessons of life and several convictions bringing people forwards.

“How did you do to accept what happened to you? I was not able to”, asked a disabled person. “Why did you start horse riding?”, asked a child. Persons, from a manager to disabled people and childs asked a lot of questions. It was an honor to answer all of them. Somebody else asked me if I could eventually coach her. I can do it and I would be happy to!

Finally, my goal was to inspire; to bring people question themselves, to give advice how to go forwards daily. People were touched, emotional sometimes, and they could discover an opening to find solutions.

Many thanks for the invitation, for this opportunity to make, step by step, the world a better place. Congratulations for their investissments towards the population and people with a disability!

Sugar bags
2017-04-26 14:15:15

It sounds to simple. It is served with coffee or the. However, Amanta and I are pround to be one of the well-known artists and athletes printed on those sugar bags!

The “Loterie Romande” distributed them to hotels, coffees and restaurants in the French-speaking part of Switzerland!

CPEDI de Deauville
2017-04-04 10:56:15

« A strong start of the season »

The first major competition of the year was held in Deauville. How you know, this was a real challenge for me. It was the first time without my mother, who’s also my trainer and before all who saved my life ! it could have been a difficult situation.

Having taken the role that she played for me after her accident, it was not an easy separation. Find pictures attached.

My vision : taking every situation as a chance to grow, to improve and to develop myself. Taking the opportunity to progress. I was scared. But I di dit. I took the risks. I did my best. I achieved.

My champion Amanta had been fantastic again ! Our results are still getting better ! Furthermore, I was classified medically again: as a result, I will still be competing in Grade 4. However, I am allowed to have a "caller/guide". So, I can ride better lines.

Our results : 1st place with more than 69% in the Team Test, two times a 2nd place with over 70% in the ​Individual Championship Test and Freestyle , of which a « 9 » for the last halt (an excellent and not often given mark) ! I was also on the 1st place in average of the first two days. My best results in Deauville so far!

Training Swiss National Team
2017-03-22 20:16:14

It was at Chalet-à-Gobet – Lausanne. With Markus Graf.

Since the accident of my mother, I had to train alone. She was my coach.

For me, the challenge was to keep my horses fit while being with her and going through those difficult times together.

On the first day, people from both swiss Federations were there. To film. It will be shown at the CSIO St-Gallen in June !

I learned several things during the lessons and took advantage of the courses ! Thank you Markus !

Ambition 2017
2017-03-16 12:18:21

It is mid-March. It is the time for me to give you news.  

I have neither given you some earlier nor published much content on social networks over the last two months.

An incident happened in the beginning of February.

It is emotionally difficult to write for me. My dear mother (coach) had an accident!

Six weeks ago. Severe, yes, but fortunately without irreversible consequences for the moment. After having left the intense of care a couple of weeks ago, she continues improving daily and finding back her capacities. Though, she will not be back on the horse immediately.

On this occasion, I would like to thank her again, before all for having allowed me to reconnect with the horse. But also for her daily support in life. Today, the roles having been reversed, I am proud to be on her sides in her recovery.  

"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, and an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty", Winston Chhurchill.

Regarding my career, I took the challenge! I continue training every day and my schedule of this year remains unchanged.

I am surrounded by good people and I am very grateful therefore.

The first international competition is from March 29th to April 1st in Deauville! I will compete with my amazing horse Amanta.

The selections for the European Championships in Göteborg (end August) start in May! Check out my schedule regularly.

On the road to the Paralympics of Tokyo 2020!

BEC higher
2017-02-21 17:45:10

At the same time as the Rio Paralympic Games, between mid-August and mid-November, I was not inacctive profesionnally: I wished to take an English exam: the Business English Certificate higher! It was a personal challenge, as I like taking several activites or projects at the same time. 

For me, one hour of English every week was a good alternative to to put my attention on something else, apart from sports.

After a long waiting-time on the results, I got informed that I succeeded!

Many thanks to the Wall Street English langaguage school!

Course at the school of physiotherapy
2017-02-12 13:49:03

Every year, it is a pleasure to give classes at the School of Physiotherapy of Geneva! I spend three hours with the students who are almost finishing their degree. I have interesting discussions with all of them, speaking about real experiences, what I liked, what helped best, what I preferred to do… My intervention is included in the course about “Disability and re-education”. The title of my presentation is “Sport, a way to overcome my disability”.

I always like it to deepen the subjects of doing sports with a disability. I described its roles according to every state on the way to recovery, how to find solutions to play sports with a disability (coordination, balance, vision impairment in my case).

My goal is to share several factors that helped me and were key to recovery in my case, the ones that helped me to be motivated to do all therapies and that helped me to stay motivated.

Finally, I always speak about neuroplasticity. For me, it was a motivational factor, next to sports, family and friends!

Forum cantonal du sport
2017-01-30 06:18:45

On Saturday, January 28th, the « Forum cantonal du sport » was held in Geneva. Being a member of Team Genève during the Paralympic Games, I was cordially invited to this event.

Interesting discussions. A rich program, bringing various topics forward: how to combine sport and studies, Team Genève and Swiss Olympic cards, facilities and access to sport in the region. Those topics are in the center of my concern, regarding several projects.

Thierry Apothéloz, President of the Association des communes genevoises mentionned: "Sport is a reflection of our society". Yes, it reflects the values of respect and fair play. This is what makes the development of sports so important.

Sami Kanaan, Mayor of Geneva: he affirms the will of the department and the city of Geneva to developp great sport facilities in the years to come.

I met great people, top athletes as well as some authorities or Swiss Olympic.

Conference arcid
2017-01-27 11:33:17

arcid is an association made of graduates in the real estate area. People did not know each other. They were very brave and silent students! My goal was to bring them together and to make them communicate with each other. I am young. 25 years old. I spoke to people aged 40 to 55. It was a good challenge!

Goal achieved. A new dynamism created. Naturally, I shared my real-life expérience.  Sharing is the most important thing. To help people develop themselves personnally. My message yesterday was "Never give up. How to find solutions. How to reach you goals and realize your dreams" 

Après the conference, the guests could buy my book and get an autograph. 

Mérites Collongeois
2017-01-24 07:47:29

Three Olympians &  Paralympians of "Team Genève" got a price from the Commune of Collonge-Bellerive:  olympic champion Lucas Tramer (rowing), Albane Valenzuela (golf) and me!  I was at the ceremony to represent the Brazilian adventure! 

I lived there more than the half of my life. I am training there everyday for more than 14 years. I have a special link to that village.

Many thanks for that recognition! 

"Kick-off" Sion 2026
2017-01-20 18:10:39

It is the « kick-off » of the bid of Sion to host the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Games ! It took place on the fabulous Place Fédérale in Bern.

The members of the initiative speak about a 23rd department (canton). An addition of several departments and cities : an union of different parts of Switzerland.

The conference was excellent and the project seems to have solid foundations on which to build, shows Jean-Philippe Rochat among others.

It was a great pleasure to be there and to support this project of great importance. This is an opportunity for Switzerland, the Alpes, tourism, sport and the country already counts almost all sports infrastructure, an efficient transport system and enough hotels. The majority of the other needs were already planed and will not generate extra costs.

On the way to the next steps. It is a long process. The bid has to be retained by the NOC – Swiss Olympic within several months, followed by the IOC in 2018, a overall 9-year process.

Concours Hippique International de Genève 2016
2016-12-16 08:02:21

I was over the moon when I first heard, only four weeks before the event, that the event’s Organising Committee had chosen to invite me to perform at the « Concours Hippique International de Genève » (Geneva International Horse Show), one of the most prestigious equestrian meetings in the calendar.

Having recently returned from the Paralympic Games in Rio, the opportunity to ride at the CHI meant a perfect ending to an incredible year, and indeed the fulfillment of a dream.

I decided to prepare a very special and personal show, having been given the chance to perform at this unique event with my amazing horse Amanta !

As an 8-year old child, I dreamt of riding at the Geneva International Horse Show. This year was the second appearance I was fortunate enough to make at the CHI, however it was the first time I was able to perform solo, and to create my own choreography and music.

I started training just three weeks before, and was thinking about how I could make my demonstration as attractive as possible. Amanta and I wanted to show our strenghts to the public, but at the same time, we wanted to do several exercises we had never done before. I created a challenging « test », a new challenge !

After bringing Amanta to the event and training there Thursday evening, I was focused on the show the next day. Thanks to my Partners, my whole team and above all, my faithful horse, I was ready at the right moment: just after the Top 10 final of show-jumping. It was very noisy during the warm up, but Amanta remained relaxed and concentrated.

Show time! Amanta was amazing! It was one of our best performances together. I am thrilled that we were able to put our best foot (or hooves) forward in front of a spectacular audience: it was an incredible opportunity !

My goal was to tell the story of my life – my career as a junior rider, the shock of my accident, my road to recovery, and finally, the here-and-now, and my future ambitions. We also loved making people feel the Rio Olympic Spirit thanks to a soundtrack of authentic Brazilian music !

Thanks to the help and support of my whole team, I could make this event unforgettable. Discover the movie of th show!

Course de l'Escalade 2016
2016-12-04 14:53:24

This was a real challenge for me. A tradition in Geneva. And I only run since the Rio Games (two months) ! The previous challenge that I took last October « Décrochons la Lune » motivated me to continue running.

Having replaced most of the weight training by running, I ran through the old town of Geneva with more than a thousand people at the start of my category in this race.

It was my third race of the year showing constant improvement and a better time at each one. A personnal challenge which keeps growing…  After two laps through the little streets and many difficult passages, I finished the 4.85km in 24 minutes and 47 seconds ! Almost 12 kilometers per hour in average !

Many people were encouraging me and called me by my name. I was very surprised and I thank them so much. A big motivation to pass my initial goal og 26 minutes 30 !

My guide (vision impairment) and marathoner, Nzumbe Nyanduga, ran with me to help me pass the other runners and run over the obstacles, and finally to avoid to fall down.

This great race will be on my scheldule again next year!

Ladies Cocktail, Schweizerhof Bern
2016-11-25 07:33:29

Swiss Paralympic was invited to present its activities at the prestigeous hotel Schweizerhof in Bern during its « Ladies Cocktail » event. I am very proud to haven answered questions and given a talk (in German) about my daily challenges in life through my paralympic dream which came true recently. I tried and I did my best to transmit a strong message of will. That was my main goal next to presenting the essential aspects of mindset, reflecting to top athletes in a paralympic disciplines. Yes, it is hard work, sometimes hard, but the will of always going forward counts most.

Apparently, the energy arrived at its destination. Many people gave me incredible feedback’s when they left. I then realised why I did it, how much sharing my story, values of life and mindset is appreciated and helps people. The former are only facts. The latter is my passion. At those moments, I realise why sharing experiences is inspiring and why I motivate people to share theirs.

Finally, I met amazing women whom I appreciated to share a part of my story with. Many thanks to Swiss Paralympic and the Schweizerhof hotel for their warm welcome.

Chênois Genève Volleyball
2016-11-18 16:15:31

Volleyball, I do not know a lot about it. Fortunately I was not asked to learn it (!)

At the “Soirée de soutien du club Chênois Genève Volleyball, I was invited for the “round table” disscusion "Rio, life at the Olympic Games".

After meeting nice people, Mr Jacques Jeannerat, Director of the Geneva Chamber of Commerce, led the discussion. Pascal Bornand, sports journalist at the “Tribune de Genève” shared his experience, the one from a journalistic point of view. Impressive. He lived the Games so closely, he vibrated with the athletes. Lucien Cujean, sailing, also participated. He spoke about about his Olympic dream and I tried to bring new knowledge about the Paralympics as many people did not know much about sports for disabled people. Both of us shared our respective qualification process. Our periods in Rio. The competitions. And the come back at home. We are proud to represent “Team Genève”.


Next show at CHI de Genève
2016-11-01 15:02:25

Back from Rio, new challenges are waiting on me. After having run kilometers for a charity, I am pleased to announce my comeback and before all the one of Para-Dressage at the Geneva International Horse Show on

Friday, the 9th of December at 21:30 on the attraction arena (following the Top 10 Rolex IJRC)

Last year, I had the chance to ride for the first time in this unique universe, recognized as the best indoor competition of the world. This is a unique chance to close this Paralympic year with a magical show. I am drawing up a demonstration which, I hope, will make you live the emotions again that we experienced in Rio. Amanta and me. With you.

To buy a ticket, please click here.

Décrochons la lune
2016-10-31 09:50:12

Supporting “Déchrochons la lune” (Take off the moon) as an Ambassador came from my heart.  I would like to show the example to young people and to promote sport for well-being and health. I have run through 300km in October, not counting those that I did with Amanta and Ronja.

This was the pink month, synonym of the first Pink Challenge: a solidarity walk for fight against breast cancer. It was a beautiful moment sharing the values of femininity. It was followed by a Gala at Olympic Museum Gala on the theme of the role of top athletes for youth. This beautiful day was shared with other Olympians and the talents supported by cookie.

The next day, I took part in the race of ten kilometers at the Lausanne Marathon. Thanks to being well-focused mentally, I finished the second race of my whole life in 55 minutes and 27 seconds with my "guide", the olympian Torin Koos - 928th / 2748 (with valid). Running allows me to get more confident and to pass my limits. After all, it serves me as mental preparation tool for horse riding.

Finally, those two days were filled with lots of emotions and sharing olympism and paralympism.

Para-Dressage tests - 2017 edition
2016-10-24 09:45:36

New dressage and para-dressage tests have been published by the FEI – Fédération Equestre Internationale. Every four years, after each Olympic/Paralympic circuit, the tests change. Over the last couple of years, the level increased in para-dressage, both the horses and the riders are riding better.

This is the reason why I wish to develop my riding skills and my sports career continuously. Today, I have the chance to ride two talented mares, Amanta and Ronja. I also qualified with both for the Rio Games, even if I could only compete with one.

Finally, every new aspect is a new challenge! That’s great as I love challenges. That is what makes me go forward every day. No time to get bored. For me, it is an extra motivation factor! We – my horses, my team and I – are going to work hard to show you a good performance in 2017.

Reception by the authorities of Geneva
2016-10-20 20:21:06

We - the athletes of "Team Genève" - were received by the authorities from Geneva in the beautiful and historial "Palais Eynard" to celebrate the successes at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2016 and the performance of each of us in 2016. Sharing this beautiful evening with the authorities showed their important investments in sport and their great support to the athletes. During the various speeches, it was mentioned several times that we are examples. Our mission is to inspire people, motivate them and share the values of sport. I am proud to be part of them. I would like to help other's, to inspirere and to show that anything is possible. Those are values that I hold. It was an evening rich in sharing experiences with the champions and this is strong solidarity between us. I would like to thank "Team Genève" for their initiatives: I felt supported by my department and canton in the most important challenge of my life: my first Paralympic Games.

Rio 2016 Paralympic Games
2016-09-24 06:43:57

Rio, my first Paralympics were spectacular.

This is an unforgettable event. The moment which changed my life was when somebody told me “you are a Paralympian”. A dream came true.

Back to the Games…

Arriving at the Paralympic Village, the scene was tremendous. How to know where you are? As the days passed, the Olympic atmosphere grew. Amanta arrived safely a day later; still as energetic as usual. From the first days, we shared the joy together to train on Olympic ground.

The opening ceremony? Indescribable sensations when entering the crowded stadium of Maracana with the Swiss Paralympic Team. Let the 2016 Paralympic Games begin!

At the Paralympic Village, I made new friendships and we were sharing experiences with each other. Plus that I had never been in such an inclusive place before!

My goal? To learn through experiencing. The pressure mounts little by little. On September 11th, it was the first test, the Team Test Grade III. I was competing in the largest category. Almost all riders had previous Games experience. Those were my fist! So what ? Another great opportunity on which to build on.

First round. I enter the arena. Halt. Salute to the judges. Straight afterwards, they were shooting. Did it come from the military zone next to the Olympic Arena? No, it came from the favelas. Amanta remains relaxed and continues listening attentively to me: she let everyone dream. It showed her strength of character and her strong and winning personality. This horse has a big heart. With several small mistakes that cost us many points, we finished 13th with 66.2%. A little disappointed because I used to do better. However, it is not easy to reproduce the same performance in this huge Olympic Stadium filled with many spectators this Sunday 11th of September. Before all, we learned a lot and I think that is the most important.

On September 13th, I competed in the Individual Championship Test Grade III, the decisive test. I was well prepared. Amanta was in a good shape. We could to show a good performance, better than the first one! I am very happy to have done this experience with my wonderful Amanta and my great team. We finished 13th again with 67.6%. The second result was better, but unfortunately not enough to qualify for the Freestyle. The results of all athletes were so close; I was only 5% from the the best. When I stepped from my horse, directly going toward the “mixed zone” (media), I knew one thing:

"Rio will not be my last Games, I want a medal in Tokyo!" I felt more motivated than ever.

My goal? Tokyo 2020.

The intermediate steps? Two European Championships and the World Equestrian Games in 2018.

Amanta, I love her so much and I thank her so much for always giving me the best of herself. A huge thank you to my great team, many many thanks to my Sponsors and partners and thank you all for your support which lies close to my heart.

During the coming years, I will also continue my mission: to continue to try to inspire as much people as possible and to show that "Anything is Possible"! I gained a lot of experience that I will use to go further and to build on. It's time to open a new chapter. Let's go...

PS media: if you would like to have another beautiful picture, I let you contact the photographer Caroline Schunk at 0763172828 or

Rio 2016 Paralympic Games
2016-09-05 19:01:21

Greetings from Rio!

We all arrived. Amanta as well! The Olympic dream  never left me since a teenager. Havin gone through many challenges, it comes true in Rio.

Some people have asked how to follow me. I collected some information.

The Paralympics more released on the swiss media?

The RTS is with us. Look on:

- Thurday 8th at 19.30

- Sunday 11th at 18.25 in "Sport dimanche"

Plus that several athletics competitions will be released live on SRF. On the same channel, the Opening Ceremony will be released live on the same channel on September 7th from 22.50 to 2.00 and much much will be broadcasted:

The next days on SRF 2:

Thursday 8 : 22.45-00.55

Friday 9 : 22 :50-01.00

Saturday 10 : 15h45-17.45

Sunday 11 : 15.00-17.00 et 22.30-23.15

Monday 12 : 23.05-00.40

Tuesday 13 : 23.10-23.30 et 00.00-00.40

Wednesday 14 : 23.10-00.30

Thursday 15 : 17.00-18.05

Friday 16 : 23.10-00.40

Saturday 17 : 22.35-23.25

Also, follow the actualities on TV and in the sports TV  shows.

The goal is to continue making para sports and para-equestrian dressage better known in Switzerland. My goal is to contribute to that.

How to see me competing? Live on “RTS sports” (web) or on  with dailymotion!

I will publish regular daily updates on my official facebook page, about what is going on at the time and I will actualize this article regularly so that it remains actual.

Sunday 11: Team Test Grade III : between 14h45 and 17h45

Tuesday 13: Individual Championship Test Grade III : between 18h45 and 21h45

You could also visit the website of Swiss Paralympic where information of the team and 24 swiss athletes will be shared (pictures, movies, inspirational stories).

Come back on this page; my competition times will be communicated here the day before!

2016-08-15 08:37:41

I am very happy to announce my new partnership with the insurance company for animals Epona.

This partnership lies deep in my heart not only because of the great relationships with the team, but they before all allow me to insure my lovely and talentful horse Amanta.

As we know, we are doing sports with horses as partners. There are always several risks of them getting injured caused by an accident or getting sick for a long time. I am feeling more confident now with the support of Epona! Thank you!

Clothes 2016 Rio Games
2016-08-06 17:29:56

The countdown has started. Less that four weeks are left before our departure. Only 27 nights the day of getting the Swiss official Rio clothes. After the one of the Olympic athletes who are already competing, it was our turn to get them in Luterbach.

I felt a big emotion: it’s happening now; the adventure begins! Let’s get started!

I left Geneva in the early morning to join the German part of Switzerland. All swiss athletes got many informations. With such a nice team, it is going to be an amazing experience! An event which makes us dream every night. To live at the fullest.

Press Conference Swiss Equestrian Federation Rio 2016
2016-08-06 16:41:13

On the picture, from the R to the L, Félix Vogg (military), Marcela Krinke Susmelj (dressage), moi et Romain Duguet (jumping)

I was in Bern for a training camp with Nicola Heyser Burger in the end of July with my chamion and amazing horse Amanta. In the beginning of the week, I have participated at the press conference at the Swiss Equestrian Federation. The President has spoken first. Several other coworkers, one athlete per discipline with its respective team chief and journalists were present. I would like to make our discipline (para-equestrian Dressage) better known in my country.

Team Genève
2016-07-26 14:12:26

Five weeks before departure, I integrate the "Team Genève" composed of Olympic and Paralympic athletes of the region who will be representing the colors of Switzerland at the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The "Team Genève" represents, for me, a stronger connection to the citizens. It is a great honnor to represent my Geneva and I thank them for their contribution to our success!

Selections Rio 2016
2016-07-21 09:59:07

I felt big but positive pressure till the last minute. To manage it, I made a big tour with my tricycle. And I was able for the first time to go up a big hill! The mixture of feelings and emotions that I felt pushed me to take that little personal challenge. I felt strong. Coming up, I hurried to look on my phone. And the selected swiss athletes have been communicated! It is with many emotions that I am delighted to announce my final selection with my amazing horse Amanta ! The strong relationship we trust in one another, our love; this is what marks the couple Amanta and me.

Having reached the national and international qualification quotas also with Ronja LVIII, she is currently my reserve horse. Only after a year together and already at the highest level, it promises!

On September 2nd, I will fly to Brazil with my team and my lovely Amanta.

HUGE THANK YOU !  To my dear Mother, my Partners, the Swiss sports Organisations and all those who have crossed my life in one way or another! Your support is uncountable. Being too numerous to cite, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you.

How to follow me?  I will give you short regular updates on social media.

Facebook               Instagram              Twitter

CPEDI3* Uberherrn
2016-07-12 13:25:56

I competed with my lovely horse Ronja LVIII at this last selection event for the Games. For the first time alone, without Amanta. And it went well! Even if she is very strong, she behaved well. Everyday was a new day. A new start. Little improvements and we got one place higher day after day. It was a good experience.

First, we were placed 6th in the Team Test: a nice round, but two mistakes (I forgot where I had to go unfortunately; over-concentration). Then, we ended 5th in the Individual Championship Test. These results allowed me to reach the Swiss scale of the selection for the Games also with my second horse.

On the last day, just before the Freestyle, several unexpected things happened: a fire next to the stables at 5am and a sick mom. I had to deal with everything. A situation that I was afraid for a long time. To be left alone. Having accepted the challenge, it stimulated me! Beyond my fear, my mother (my coach) and I have trust each other; we had no choice. I accepted the challenge. Ronja and I ended 4th in the Freestyle! I am very proud of Ronja, before all because it was the first time we had the chance to do the Freestyle toegether. My mom recovered and is feeling good again.

As I mentioned above, Amanta stayed "at home": the goal of that was to preserve her for further events. After these little holidays, she is in great shape and very motivated to work!

8 years
2016-06-30 15:18:38

2008... The accident. My accident. Severe brain injury. Coma. Exactly 8 years ago.

A drama. A fight. Nightmares. Fears. An adventure. An experience. Emotions. Dreams. These eight words to sum up my resurrection.

Going through many obstacles, I made the best of it. I grew. I came back to life.

Sometimes people say "you do not deserve this." Difficulties, the separation from my parents, setback's, depression. Life is worth to be lived: a decision, a strong mindset. No regrets. No guilt. Learn. Moving forward. To win.

Given for dead for eight years ago (30th of June 2008), who would ever have thought I would be here now?

Many difficulties. Impairments to deal with everyday. The separation of my parents. Many challenges. But I decided to keep going.

Will. Yes, will.  My horse. The passion. My entourage. Love. Thousand thanks to all.

Some of my successes: 2010: 4th at the World Equestrian Games; 2011: publication of my book "Step by step, story of an accident and a resurrection editions Slatkine"; 2012: Miss Handicap 2012-2013; 2014: 12th World Equestrian Games; 2015: 11th in the European Championships, Bachelor of Management-Marketing, experience the International Olympic Committee; 2016: Director at Handicap International, the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games ???

Stay connected!

2016-06-28 05:23:06

I am very lucky to give the supplements of Cavalor to my horses: I give them a mixture to enjoy everyday! They like it and they are always happy to get this food.

They also get the food (grains) of Cavalor which is certainly part of our success. It is rich in nutriments for all kind of horses to be in the best shape; there is something for everyone.

Many thanks to Cavalor and Valeria Raineri for their support!

CPEDI3* Somma Lombardo
2016-06-22 14:29:43

I came back from Italy with good feelings last Sunday. The competition CPEDI3* of Somma Lombardo was a success. Amanta and Ronja LVIII were fantastic and I am blessed to have the chance to ride them.

The first day, Amanta ended 2nd and Ronja 4th in the Team Test Grade III. The day was beautiful. In the Individual Test Championship Grade III, the rankings were reversed for the second time this year: despite some little miscommunications, Ronja finished 3rd and Amanta 4th. The former is improving quickly; we only know each other for a year. Finally, I rode Amanta in the Freestyle in which we finished on the 3rd place. The mare was dancing to the music and it was an amazing feeling. I love them so much and I think that we are on the right way for the final selection for Rio.

I would like to thank you all and especially those without whom this would not have been possible, my mother, my warm Partners, and especially my team and of course my fabulous horses!

New role at Handicap International
2016-06-22 14:18:23

As an Ambassador of Handicap International, the Association whose mission is to act for vulnerable populations and people with disabilities by providing them access to services and by improving their conditions of life. I am happy to have run for them at the “Race for Gift” in Geneva last month. The collected amount of money was used on the profit of victims of explosive weapons in armed conflicts. I am very proud to have been elected Administrator of the Association. I am truely blessed to rule Handicap International with the other Administrator's in the near future and to contribute making the world a better place.

Executives Seminar
2016-06-12 20:07:26

Intervention at the “Services Industriels de Genève” within the executives Seminar.

It was in spacious a room in the main building of SIG. Before I started to present, I got to know that I was going to talk to more than 360 executives, directly after their Director. I heard him and I liked his speech. "Keep calm and show that Anything is possible." That was my goal. I had thirty minutes to prove it. To convince people. That Anything is possible. With a lot of pleasure. I enjoyed sharing a real experience of life. To inspire.

I was pleased to see that the executives were very receptive. My message could affect people. I felt even happier as soon as the expression on people's faces was changing. They were traveling emotionally. Far away. Through all emotions, tears and laugh.

It was one of my best presentations. I got awesome feed-back’s.

I would like to thank them once again for their great and precious support.

2016-06-06 14:45:25

I could ride an international test, the FEI Individual Championship Test Grade III as a presentation followed by an interview. Making the Para-Equestrian Dressage discipline better known in Switzerland. Contributing to its visibility and image.  People were impressed and it was a great way to promote Paralympic sports at a national competition. I was very happy to be able to do it.

I thank the Organising Committee for their contribution to the Swiss equestrian sport!

Furthermore, we won the “Libre à la carte – L12/60” (competing with valid athletes)! I am very proud on Ronja’s progression. She improves every time and we feel more and more confident together.

Jeux du Grand Genève 2016
2016-06-04 21:46:26

I was honoured to be one of the Ambassador of the “Geneva Games” (Jeux du Grand Genève) as a swiss top athlete. My goal was to support all young athletes – the upcoming stars, to give them some tips of my experience and to share the values of “cool and clean” (an important notion in sports) with them.

I first met several people, gave an interview for the regional TV Léman Bleu (released on Thursday June 9th 2016 at 19:45 in "Ensemble"), two the medal ceremonies. The price giving for the “Schtroumpfs” was particulary emotional for me. I was blessed have the chance to do it and to be an example for them.

After closing the ceremony by dancing with GG (the mascot), I was  thanked by the “Président du Grand Conseil” and the “Deputé du Grand Conseil” of the department of Geneva for my valuable engagement. I was very proud to become their appreciation.

Race for Gift
2016-05-31 08:15:26

I wanted to do it. To tun for Handicap International. To take part in Race for Gift. I had to do it. For myself. To support victims of explosive weapons. As Ambassador of Handicap International, I totally support their actions to vulnerable populations and disabled people and I would like to contribute changing lives. That is solidarity.

For me personally, it was a new challenge I wanted to take. It was an honor to have the Olympian Torin Koos as a guide (to compensate vision impairment) and perfect coach for the race. We finished the 10K!

Torin has also been a good mental coach: “this is a little training for a little event in Brazil this summer”: all pressure I put on myself disappeard. It was a good training on the road to Rio. This challenge made me more confident and feel well in my shoes. With my horses, we are ready to reach the stars.

Candidature 2026
2016-05-26 15:08:11

The Olympic and Paralympic Games in Switzerland in 2026?

The project is called "The Swiss Made Winter Games"

As an athlete, I would be proud to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Switzerland, in my country. Wether we do a summer or winter discipline, it is the passion of sport that counts.

I was pleased to represent the Paralympic and values the first press conference of the 2026 Lausanne Application. Diversity. Integration. Giving equal opportunities to all. That is what solidarity means.

In addition, this project widely contributes in the development of the region and the Swiss Sport.

Future athletes will share will and determination. They will be able to energize, motivate, inspire.

Femmes Femina
2016-05-26 11:46:02

"Je Suis Une Femme Femina" 

I was very happy and proud to discover the Femina Magazine on Sunday, May 22nd, which is highlighting the new Femina Women: we inspired them; they tell us why.

The aim is to highlight women and their unique talents. Many thanks for having choosen me for their project! It is important to me and I am delighted to be, one of the nine women in their project. We are going to assist the redaction throughout the year. I was pleased to meet those that I did not know, all inspirational women.

You can read the whole article here (in French).

2016-05-22 07:36:36

After the publication in one of the reference mannuals of Swiss Olympic, I am very proud to share the cover of the last newsletter of Swiss Paralympic before the 2016 Paralympic Games! It is the first cover of my fabulous horse Ronja LVIII.

Now: the last months to go before the selection of the Swiss deleguations on July 20th. Two international and one national competition are left. Daily training sessions. Mental abilities to develop. A strong will in all times.

I am really happy to have been chosen for the coverstory. My goal? To represent the values of Para-Equestrian Dressage and to inspire success through dedication and passion.

Before all, a big THANK YOU to all of you!

Swiss Olympic - Athlete's Parliament
2016-05-13 22:20:08

Both the Swiss Olympic Forum and the Athlete Parliament has been held at Ittingen (Bern).

At the latter, we were 31 athletes of which 3 of Paralympic sports disciplines. I was proud to represent the equestrian sport, in particular Para-Equestrian Dressage. Knowledge transfer and the combination of leading a sports and an academic career were in the center of the discussions. Furthermore, the panel discussion with two Swiss athletes was rewarding: they shared their experience of knowledge in their career in their respective disciplines.                                                    

We then joined the participants of the Swiss Olympic Forum for the apero and dinner. I had interesting and impressive discussions with the Director of Swiss Olympic (on the picture), other people of the organization, Directors of National Federations and other sports institutions.

Sharing and speaking with the National Olympic Committee and National Federation’s was a great experience.

My important investment to give value to sport has been rewarded by a beautiful publication in their « Manuel pour un sport de valeur » (manual for the values of sport) : an important instrument.

2016-05-12 15:08:25

A nice evening with the Amis de Cookie at the IMD in Lausanne. My presence was confirmed only the day before. So, by surprise, I took part at this event as a para athlete sharing real livre experience. I was ver happy to receive impactful feedback's.

The purpose of being at that event was not only because the organisators were ancient collegues at the International Olympic Committee, but before all to support young athletes, some of which already qualified for the Olympic Games. The main subject of all intervention where about the career management of every athlete and their experience with it.

Selleria Equipe
2016-05-12 09:49:35

I am so happy and proud of this new partership. Equipe, one of the best known brand of saddles, says it all: the relationship between horse and rider. 

I just got a saddle from them: I feel very confortable and well-balances on it. Everything seemed to be much easier suddenly when I was riding.

A big thank you.

CHI Mannheim
2016-05-11 11:45:01

We were in Germany, including my mum-coach, my groom, my horses Amanta and Ronja LVIII.

It was a beautiful competition. The atmosphere was a bit different: there was also show jumping and polo. The sun was shinning everyday. We had to adapt very quickly to the heat in which we suddenly had to perform.

In the first round, we had very good results. Among the best riders of the world, I finished on the 7th place with Amanta and 10th with Ronja LVIII. Both did very well and the results were very close to eachother.

In the second round, I probably wanted to do too much, which made me make some little mistakes.

We continue training to be in perfect shape in a month in Italy! Our planning is already well-organised.

2016-05-03 07:27:05

It is spring, the crucial time before the definitive selection for the Paralympics Rio 2016.

It is time to announce PEOPLE of my team, the ones who will go with me through this preparation period for my ultimate goal: the Games.

I am happy to announce my partnership with OSTEO PHYSIO GENEVE! They follow me in osteopathy as well as in physiotherapy. My fantastic horses, Amanta and Ronja, also benefit from the care of Sven Onclinx. I definitely advice you to contact him for the welfare of your horse and well-being of yourself.

I thank him so much for his support; it counts a lot. His observation followed by both osteopathy and physiotherapy sessions allow me to combine sport, progression and well-being in the best way. 

Sven: “I am convinced that Celine can still make progress, both physically and as top athlete” -

Salon du Livre et de la Presse 2016 Geneva
2016-05-03 06:04:09

I am proud to have been invited and interviewed at the "Salon du Livre et de la Presse 2016" in Geneva by the person who had been my teacher at ESM univesity, Daniel Bernard.
I would also like to congratulate Magali Dubois Vaucher for her interview. She is the person who gives me a hand with my communication in busy times. 

You can have a look at the interview here.

I am looking forward to experiencing the surprises left in the next months!‪ #‎RoadToRio‬
Author of "Pas à pas, histoire d'un accident et d'une résurrection", éditions Slatkine

"cool and clean"
2016-04-28 08:14:54

Be "cool" and be "clean"

Sharing the values of sport is essential. To promote them. With regard to young athletes. I care about it. The six commitments of «cool and clean».
I met two future talents at the beautiful stables of Prangins: it is important to support them now. Many thanks to Katarina and Nerine Niessen for their engagement! Watch the video.
Please visit to get more information.

Fragile Suisse, coaching session
2016-04-25 21:30:32

Having been brain injured myself, I support Fragile Suisse for helping brain injured people and their relatives. This time again, I coached young people in order to give them some real experiences though my testimony. It is important to support these people, because it affects many people. My mindset helpled me a lot and I like sharing this with you.



Media conference
2016-04-15 16:41:59

This year, the Games are organized again in Geneva, les Jeux du Grand Genève. Supporting those Games, I got the chance to speak at the Media Conference of it. Situated in the old town, at l'Hôtel de Ville, I met several people, including some from the Department of Geneva.

I qualified a slot for Rio and I have good chances to compete and to represent Switzerland. Here, we are at the Jeux du Grand Genève, putting talented young athletes toegether, the future champions. Therefore, it is essential to support them.

You can atch my speech here.

Fragile Suisse: the dialoguers
2016-04-12 10:52:16

I did an intervention in a taining course given to dialoguers in Lausanne. They are going in the street to make people aware of brain injury. It could be me, it could be you. Therefore, it is important to support such association as Fragile Suisse which assist brain injured people and their families.

Train for Rio
2016-04-05 00:02:54

After having qualified a slot for Switzerland, it was the sign of the beginning of the preparation period for the ParalympicGames in Rio! My intermidate goal? To be definitely selectionned in June/July to represent Switzerland in Brazil! 

My plan?  To do my very best that the preparation over the next months would be as good as possible and to keep on improving my results at competitions. 

This period starts with a training period. On one hand, the lessons would be given by my mother Simone van der Wal. On the other hand, I am going to have regular training sessions lead by Nicola Heyser. She already used to be my coach before my accident when I was competing within the national jujnior team. 

The next competitions in which I will take part are the CHI of Mannheim (GER), then the CPEDI3* Somma Lombardo (ITA) et à Uberherrn (GER). My two fantastic horses Amanta and Ronja are ready and I am grateful to have such talentful horses! We still learn, try to set into practice the advices, and are progessing. 

2016-04-04 23:44:25

I am proud to be featured on the cover of the weekly equestrian newspaper Pferdewoche in March. It is a great honour to be in one of the five olympic rings, next to my idols Steve Guerdat et Marcela Krinke Susmelj! Inspirational people who motivate me to improve.

National Competition in Geneva
2016-03-21 19:56:09

This time, the event where I have been with my horse Ronja LVIII was near the city of Geneva: the national competition of Evordes (with valid athletes). I won for the first time a test with Ronja the week before. Amanta could stay “at home” and relax.

The first day, we were placed 6th! Ronja showed great performance and I got many positive feedbacks from the public: that made me more confident!

Every experience allows us to grow and to improve. What a progression!

The second day, I was allowed to present both international FEI Grade III tests (Team Test and Individual Championship test). Many thanks to the Organizing Committee for their support on the road to Rio.

International competition CPEDI3* Caselle di Sommacampagna
2016-03-14 22:16:16

We have gone both with Amanta and Ronja to Italy, near Verona. As usual, my mum-coach accompagnied me. But not only. My new groom, Marlène, took good care of my horses. She is becoming my new groom. 

It was a fantastic competition with great success.

In the first round, the Team Test, my horses did their best and I achieved a higher score than 69% with both of them. Ronja won and Amanta was placed 2nd

The second day, in the Individual Championship Test, it was the opposite ! Amanta 1st et Ronja 2nd.

Finally, I competed the Freestyle with Amanta! We won again with a score of over 71,3% !

See more pictures here.

Qualification Rio 2016
2016-03-14 12:23:47

RIO 2016?


It’s with a lot of emotions and with very strong feeling of happiness that I announce that I qualified a slot for Switzerland for the 2016 Paralympic Games of Rio de Janeiro!!! At the end of the qualification period (by January 31st), I was on 48th place on the FEI Paralympic World Ranking list of Para-Equestrian Dressage - all grade’s confused (five categories of impairments, I to IV; I compete in Grade III). I got all the points with my incredible and amazing horse Amanta. Many thanks to her!

I aimed into that objective years ago. I put all the chances on my side. I took each opportunity to grow and to improve. To make progress. I lived for sports. Towards that goal. Every day. I have gone through challenging years. Learning through experiencing. Always going forward. That is the most important.

Having taken part at many international competitions and event, at the FEI World Equestrian Games, FEI European Championships, I have always gone forwards.

I would like to say THANK YOU and to express my gratitude of all your great support in any times. You cannot imagine how happy and grateful I am towards anyone who interfered with my life during the five last years. Thank you for believing in me. This is only the beginning…!

My next goal? To be selected by the delegations to proudly represent Switzerland in Brazil! Therefore, I am going to take part at several international competitions.

I look forwards to giving you the next news!

Share happiness!

Celine van Till & Team

Jeux du Grand Genève
2016-03-12 12:58:27

This year again, I am proud to the “Jeux du Grand Genève”. With joy and sincerity, I would like to motivate these young people to give their best.

Mag Horse
2016-03-12 12:58:03

It is with great pleasure that we welcomed the team of "Mag Horse" at the stables of La Pallanterie. This TV show is dedicated to the equestrian passion, presented by Michel Team comPeaR, in charge of a part ofI saddled Ronja, my beautiful black mare which I ride for less than a year. Also being my coach, my mother gave me a lesson while they were filming. 

The training was followed by an interview. My mom was first to answer some questions: she was the star. However, I did not escape to a few questions which I answered in the clubhouse. We had interesting discussions. We look forward to seeing the TV show in early March on Léman Bleu!

International competition CPEDI3* Genemuiden
2016-03-12 12:56:41

I was in the north of the Netherlands for more than three weeks to train and to prepare this competition. There were some challenges: it was the last opportunity to get additional points within the qualification period for the Paralympic Games of Rio 2016. I competed with my two beautiful mares, Amanta and Ronja. Bringing together the best riders from 21 nations, I arrived in 5th place with my fantastic mare Amanta in the Team Test, 6th in the Individual Championship Test and 7th in the Freestyle Test. Ronja, making her debut on the international circuit, has proven her great capacities in the second test. By becoming a real couple, we're going to seduce the judges step by step: she is probably going to be my top-horse for the future.

Nevertheless, the current situation requires patience to know more about the qualifications for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. My goal was (and still is) to qualify an individual slot for Switzerland and of course , to be selected by the Swiss Federation in order to compete, and even more, to win! World Rankings are closed. The current standings have been published shortly. We will know more in March!

After this last intensive and busy year filled with sports and professional developments, I called 2015 until the end of January, the year of development. I would like to thank my partners, without whom this would not be possible and, obviously, my mom's support of all times. Last but not least, I am very grateful to all people around me for their energy and motivation.

Training camp
2016-03-12 12:55:41

I joined the stables of Paulien Alberts in the north of the Netherlands late December 2015. My goal is to train intensively to be able to improve my riding skills and before all, to prepare for the international competition of Genemuiden from January 19th to 23rd. This is the last opportunity to get better results than I had last year to earn more points on the rankings counting for the Games.

Already in the first week, I attended a demonstration given by my coach at "Dressuur Manifestatie Dalen." The theme was "how to choose the right music for your freestyle?" Amanta performed very well. 

Happy New Year
2016-03-12 12:55:00

Happy New Year

My team and myself, Amanta and Ronja, wish you a happy new year 2016 with a lot of happiness!

2015? A year of development for me. It was marked by the arrival of Ronja, a steady progression at competitions and finally, by my participation at the European Championships. 

Besides sports, I completed my Bachelor of Management-Marketing for elite athletes at ESM and I did a seven-month internship at the International Olympic Committee. A progression professionally as well as in sports.

2016? Who says Olympic year, says new goals. After participating in the World Equestrian Games (Kentucky 2010 and Caen 2014) and European Championships (Deauville 2015), my major goal is to take part and win the Paralympic Games! The selection period counting for Rio 2016 is not over yet: I will take part at the last qualifying event in Holland that will allow me, hopefully, to qualify a place for Switzerland! In addition, I plan to participate in several international and national competitions along the year and to progress with my two mares, Amanta and Ronja. Finally, I wish to continue to develop my sports career.

2016-03-12 12:54:13

I announce my partnership with Uvex. I am proud that they have chosen me to represent their brand.

As we all know, safety is the most important. With “Uvex safety”, they ensure the quality and an innovative technology: I am sure to be welly equipped and protected! I can continue to progress without fears and be confident.

I thank them for their valuable and continuously support in equestrian sports.

Concours Hippique International de Genève
2016-03-12 12:53:04

Amazing. Magic. These are the only things I can say. Riding in the main arena of Geneva was a wonderful experience... A dream came true at the International Horse Show of Geneva from December 11th to 23rd 2015. It was a real chance to ride Amanta those days. She was awesome and I got many positive feedbacks. In addition, riding in front of my public in Geneva was incredible!

On Saturday, I got a surprise: I was on the cover of the Paddock magazine. Moreover, I had a beautiful article of a full page in the “24 hours” newspaper!

I was also invited to participate in the “Warm Up” show which was released on Saturday night on the big screen of the main arena just before the Grand Prix.

See more pictures in the gallery here.