2016-03-12 13:00:08

Breed: KWPN

Date of birth: 19/04/2005 (11 years)

Gender: Mare

Colour: Bay

Origins: Tuchinski

Owner: Celine van Till

Notice of Celine:

"Amanta arrived in my stables late January 2013. Naturally energetic, it took some time and patience to understand each other perfectly and form a couple. The mare improved quickly and I can trust her completely: she is very attaching. Very elegant, which pleases many judges; she has a strong will and gives the best of herself in the dressage arena. 

Lively and sensitive, I need to manage my body and to deal with my disability the best as possible. Amanta is a woman, she has beautiful paces, good muscles and excellent flexibility. 

Together, we had international successes, particularly in France, Germany and Italy. We finished 12th at the World Equestrian Games in 2012 in Caen, 11th at the European Championships in 2015 in Deauville. We have won several international competitions together, which made me reach a good place in the FEI Para-Equestrian Dressage rankings. "

©Caroline Schunk