Pas à Pas
2016-03-12 14:09:46

Nothing is guaranteed. Everything could be improved. With this mindset, Celine looks positively forwards. Her book « Pas à Pas, histoire d’un accident et d’une résurrection » is a message of hope to those who go through the same challenges. It was possible for her, with the force of will and determination, to recover, to find back a certain autonomy which allows her to be almost totally independent: "I had to learn everything again: to talk, to walk and every single movement of every day’s life. I need to continue training every day in order not to lose the abilities that I have acquired again.” 

 Celine gives us a testimony of her come back to the equestrian world after her fall, her journey to return to the highest level, her passion for horses, without whom her rehabilitation would have been more difficult. She tells us about the “before and after” of this tragic event, which will have changed her forever: "I am happy in my new shoes."

Pas à pas, histoire d'un accident et d'une résurrection, éditions Slatkine