Miss Handicap
2016-03-12 14:08:09

It was in October 2012 that Celine van Till was honoured as Miss Handicap of Switzerland. Encouraged by a friend, Celine was initially reluctant to participate in what she thought was a beauty contest. However, her determination to engage for the integration and equality of disabled people convinced her to participate. "One day a friend told me about this election. Initially, I disagreed because I had the image of the beauty contest and its purely physical criteria. Then, after some reflection and research, I found that it was a great project to promote integration and increase awareness of disabled people. "

For Celine, impairment should not be a synonymous of exclusion; proof is her determination to compete also with abled people. During her reign as Miss Handicap, Celine played the role of an Ambassador for disabled people to perfection. With her Michael Fässler, Mister Handicap 2012, she managed to point out their situations by media interests.  She was engaged with children at schools, employees in companies, and many other people during conferences and events.

As Miss Handicap 2012, Celine would like to transmit a message of hope, explaining that a disability is not an end, and that with the power of will and determination, anything is possible ".