My Passion
2016-03-09 22:25:00

Celine started riding horses at the age of six under the guidance of her mother, Simone. Initially, Simone introduced Celine into riding so she can overcome her shyness. From that moment, Celine’s horses have become more than a sport partner but a real friend. It now feels very natural in the company of horses just like in the company with people her age. Having started it as a hobby, horse riding is now one of Celine’s biggest passions in life.. Horses inspire happiness in her, confidence, elegance and a sense of freedom. 

Since the early riding stages, Celine now focuses on dressage. Like in figure skating, this discipline inspires grace, finesse, and the perfection of movement to present the horse in all its nobility. 

Since her accident in 2008, Celine’s relationship with her horses has become even stronger. 

You may think that after such a tragic accident, she would stray away from her horses and riding; instead, she began her "resurrection" with them as she had to learn everything  people take for granted all over again. Being Stronger than fear, her passion and love for this sensitive and majestic animal, pushed her on an everyday fight to recover. Having reversed the spell, this episode was a trigger both in her personal life and in her sports career. Her feelings for horses remained intact; she now even thinks that her accident has strengthened her bond with them. 

Without her companions, recovery would not have been possible. Each day, the links are reinforced between Celine and her mares; they push her to give the best of herself.